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A little about me....

My name is Andrew Remington, and I am the owner and lead photographer of Perseids Photography. I was born in Baltimore Maryland, but live in Southeast Michigan (Ann Arbor). One of my favorite things to do is photograph the world around me. Landscapes, portraits, events -- there's not much I won't photograph. There are two main reasons for photography-- to capture the objective AND the subjective. It's my goal as a budding photographer to get really good at both.

This website is a mechanism for showing a small sample of my work. It is by no means exhaustive. I hope you find it useful. If you have any interest in seeing some of my other photographs, please just ask.


If interested, I'd be more than happy to sell any of my existing photographs. I would also be delighted to take specific photographs at your request. I can provide the photographs in printed form or electronically.

Please use the e-mail link below to contact me if you have any questions about me, my website, services or even about a specific photograph. Thank you!